I'm Griko, a frontend developer based in Indonesia

Hey there! My name is Griko Muhammad Sultan Nibras, and Griko Nibras in short.

I am a software engineer specialized in frontend development, creating web based applications from landing pages and company profiles, to internal dashboards and information systems.

Born and raised in 🇮🇩 Surabaya, Indonesia. Currently based on Bekasi, Indonesia. Majored my bachelor's degree on Informatics at Institut Teknologi Adhi Tama Surabaya on 2021. Currently working as a frontend developer on current company, previously organized SurabayaJS meetups and a short time initialized and maintained Deno Land Indonesia and Frontend Indonesia.

Started programming on backend development creating an internal content management system for my campus practicum management using Laravel and Voyager. After a year or two I switched on doing frontend development, which then took interest on the 🍞 Jamstack ecosystem and continue develop and experiment with until present day.

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